Decision Making to Select the Best Order Quantity (BOQ) from Supplier using Genetic Algorithm

Watheq H. Laith, Swsan S. Abed Ali, Mahmoud A. Mahmoud

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3801

An Experimental Investigation on the Performance and Exhaust Emission of Diesel Engine Fuelled With Sal Seed, Mahua and Mix Oil Biodiesel

Ravi Shankar Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Jeewan Vachan Tirkey

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3802

Implementation of Lung Cancer Nodule Feature Extraction using Threshold Technique

T. Siva Sakthi, Kumar Parasuraman, Arumuga Maria Devi

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3803

Optimization of Process Parameters of Manganese Phosphate coating developed on En-36 Steels by Statistical Design of Experiments

Dr. Sunil D. Kahar

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3804

Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Feed Forward Back Propagation Neural Network system for prediction of rice production in Cauvery River Basin of Tamilnadu

S. Arun Balaji, P. Manimegalai Vairavan

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3805

Enhanced Fuzzy Logic-Based Clustering Algorithm

Daljeet kaur, Garima Malik

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3806

Enhancing Security and Reducing Size of Jar File for Data Sharing in Cloud Computing

V. Suresh, G. Kanagaraj, T. Primya, G. Selva Priya

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3807

Survey and Overview on Analysis of Lean Techniques for Economically Sustainable Foundries

Arvind kumar, Dr. M S Uppin

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3808

C ̌ech MP-closed sets in closure spaces

T. Muthu Priya, A. Francina Shalini

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3809

Modeling and Implementation of Hybrid Solar-Wind-Hydro Renewable Energy Systems

G. Joga Rao, S.K Shrivastava

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3810

Integration of Ergonomics in Continuous Passive Motion Machine

M.S. Harne, Dr. S.V. Deshmukh

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3811

Drinking Water Supply in Villages by Using Gravity Flow

Prof. V.A. Auti, Prof. A.R. Ghode

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3812

Evaluation of Melon Seed Oil Citrullus Colocynthis (L.) Schrad, for the Protection of Cowpea Vigna Unguiculata Seeds against Callosobruchus Maculatus (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Chukwunonso O. Nzelu, Nnaemeka J. Okonkwo

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3813

Effective in Latency and Complexity with Multiple Butterfly-Formed Weight Accumulators

G. Swapna, D. Shyam Prasad

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3814

Use of Activated Carbon of Coconut Shell (Cocos nucifera) for Reduction of Chloride and Hardness of Water

Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj, Puneet Mishra, Rajesh Jain, Dinesh Uchchariya

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3815

Design Verification Procedure (DVP) Load Case Analysis of Car Bonnet

Mahesha J, Prashanth A S

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3816

An Overview of Analysis of Torsion Bar of Light Motor Vehicle Car with Nonlinear Parameter

Mr. Vikas V. Yalasangi, Prof. A.M. Naniwadekar

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3817

Abstract, Correct By Construction and Faster Register Modeling of AMBA APB Bus

Kiran J P, Dr. R Jayagowri

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3818

Diffusion Modeling and Implementation of Renewable Energy Technologies in India

Mr. G. Joga Rao, Dr. S.K Shrivastava, Md. Gouse Baig

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3819

A Novel Reserving Room Approach for Reversible Data Hiding Algorithm before Encryption on Digital Videos

G. Akhila, P. Rama Krishna

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3820

On ΠG⌃B*- Closed Sets in Topological Spaces

Nathiya .B, Vaiyomathi .K

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3821

Glutaminase: Clinical Concerns and Prospects

Dharmendra K. Parihar

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3822

VHDL Implementation of All Digital OFDM Modulator and Demodulator for Wireless Broadband Applications (FPGA)

Amarnadh Koppula, G. Kiran Kumar

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3823

Social Media: The Emerging Trend Affecting the Communication, Culture, Behaviour of Teenager Adults

Monalisa Hati

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3824

Mathematical Estimation of Production Performance of Fish Population

Razwan Ahamad, Md. Sajedul Karim, M. A. H. Mithu

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3825

A Review on Affine Transformation

S. C. Shrivastava

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3826

Comparative Analysis of Flat Slab and Post-Tensioned Flat Slab Using SAFE

V. G. Mutalik Desai, Mohammad J. Shaikh

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3827

DC to AC Multi level Inverter using Bi-directional Switch

Mr. G. Sasi Kumar

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3828

Measurement of Radon Concentration in Dwelling Houses in Rahovec City, Republic of Kosovo

Sehad Kadiri, Gëzim hodolli, Kostandin Dollani

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3829

A Comparative Study on Robust Regression Methods

Guem Mi Lee, Kyupil Yeon, Hyeuk Kim

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3830

Design of Parallel Adder/Subtractor using a Novel Reversible Logic Gate

A. Bhagyashree, Babu Gundlapally, T. Sammaiah

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3831

Agricultural Robot: Intelligent Robot for Farming

Nidhi Agarwal, Ritula Thakur

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3832

Tracking of in Need of Care Patient via Mobile Devices

Derya Karabak, Ali Güneş

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3833

Consequence of Temperature, pH, Turbidity and Dissolved Oxygen Water Quality Parameters

Vijay S. Kale

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3834

Early Detection of Melanoma Skin Cancer Using Classifiers

VS. Sabeera, P. Vamsi Krishna

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3835

Evaluation of VAK Skills (Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic Skill) in Abacus Learners

Yogesh Tiwari, Munmun Tiwari

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3836

WAVE Approach for the Point Allocation on Examination

Hyeuk Kim

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3837

An Efficient Energy Utilization Using Routing Protocols In Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

K. Surendhra, CH. Rambabu, Dr. V.V.K.D.V Prasad

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3838

Control of SRM using 3-level Neutral point diode clamped converter with PI and Fuzzy controller

S.N.V. Akhila, K. Rajani

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3839

Πg⌃B*-Continuity in Topological Space

Nathiya .B, Vaiyomathi .K

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3840

Investigation on Heat Transfer Enhancement for Fluid Flow through a Tube with Internally Fitted Pin Fins

Pankaj N. Shrirao, Sagar S. Gaddamwar, Sachin S. Pente

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3841

Utilization of Bamboo as a Substitute Building Material

Prof. N.A. Patel,  Dr. D.K. Parmar, Dr. S.K. Dave

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3842

Emphasis on Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System Installation training: A case study of a PV Solar System Installed in Makueni County, Kenya

Sebastian Waita, Bernard Aduda

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3843

Graph Clustering: Modified BFS Algorithm

Ishwar Baidari, Ajith Hanagwadimath

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3844

A Novel Method for Improving the Throughput in High Data Rate WSNs

T. Sridhar, V. Vittal Reddy

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3845

Dynamic Behaviour of Frame Structure Subjected To Blast Loadings

S D. Bhosale, Y R. Suryawanshi, K V Bendale

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3846

Characterization of (Cd-Zn)S Thin Films

R. Shrivastava, S.C. Shrivastava

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3847

Iterated Function System

S. C. Shrivastava

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3848

Nanotechnology in Biomedical Applications

Mashal Alenazi

Abstract |PDF with Text| DOI 10.17148/IARJSET.2016.3849

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