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National Conference on Sustainable Development in Renewable Energy Sources and Power System Engineering

15th & 16th May 2017

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Department of EEE, Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Bengaluru


Use of Vegetable Oils as Bio-Lubricants: Review

Varun Kumar G R, Vasanth, Syed Azamuddin, Thyagraj L

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Fabrication & Material Characterization of Natural Fibre Reinforced Composite for Helmet Application

Arun Kumar A, Ben V Abraham, Bhargav U, Shashi Kiran G

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Fabrication of Plastic Compression Molding Machine

Amaresh Kumar, Rajath H K, Preetham K J, Rohith J

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Magnetic Piston Operated Engine

Elton Ashok Raju, Arindam Kumar Sarkar, Ashish V Rai, Bijay Thapa

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Investigation on Compressive Properties of SiC Particulate and E-Glass Fibres Reinforced Al 3102 Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites

Kotresh M, Ravichandra K M, V Bharath

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A study on impact of Industry 4.0 in India

Sagar B S, Praveen D Jadhav

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Static Structural Analysis of Gas Turbine Blades Comparing the Materials

Nagesh R, Apoorva H R, R Mohan

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Experimental Study on Thermo – Acoustic Stirling Engine

Arun Arogyaswamy G, Anant Kumar, Ashish Kumar Kathle, Aman Chandrakar

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Performance and Emission Analysis of Bio Diesel from Cotton Seed and Rice Bran Oil

Raghu G, Rajesh T S, Ranjith Kumar S, Bhagavath Vijay R

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Mechanical Characterization of Synthetic and Bio Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites

Thyagaraj N R, Dr. N Chikkanna

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Production of Aegle Marmelos Biodiesel and Its Performance and Emission Study on CI Engine

Naveen Kumar K J, Amaljith P T, Sibin Babu, Mohammed Shafi

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Experimental Investigations on Production and Usage of Hybrid Biodiesel in CI Engines

Raghu G, Sumit Kumar, Avinash Kumar, Saibaba Chanoor

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Fabrication of Staircase Power Generation using Rack and Pinion Mechanism

Raghu G, Manjunatha Abhyankara, Venkateshulu, Nasar Sharief

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Hybrid Power Generation using Roof Ventilators and Solar Tracking Mechanism

Amith S, Chandrakiran T A, Kavitha R, Raghavendra P Nilugal

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Production and Characterisation of Biodiesel from Fruit Rinds Waste Vegetable Waste and Performance Test in a Diesel Engine

Darshan C Pavate, Deepak Gowda M J, Girish B S, Shrishail Kakkeri

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Design and Fabrication of Fatigue Testing Machine of Cantilever Type

Jyothi Prakash K, Vidhyasagar G, Suhas R, Shashank

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Fatigue Life Behaviour of Woven GFRP Composite Laminates with Impact Damage

Shreyas PS, Suresha D B, Mani Kumar K C, Rajanna

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Effect of Addition of Reinforcement on Tribological Properties of Al7050/B4C Metal Matrix Composites

Puneeth Kumar MV, Varun Kumar M, Rajesh MC, Vivek V

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Hybrid System of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine & Piezoelectric Tiles

Prathik S, Prashanth D, Rahul B, Sampath Kumar B

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Solar Power Air Conditioner

Ujjwal Singh, Abdul Wahid, Akash Kumar Gupta, Amit Kumar Rauth

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A Review Paper on Future Possible Investigations in Two Stroke Petrol Engine

Vivek Rao Bhamne V, Harish S, Harish K R, Nayaz Pasha M

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Design and Static Analysis of Helical Suspension Spring with Different Materials

Vijayeshwar BV, Preetham B M, Bhaskar U

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3D Printer

Pranav, Prasanjit Gope, Ranjit Ram, Suraj Kumar

Abstract |PDF with Text

Statistical Optimization of Drilling Process Parameters on Quality of Hole of Glass FRP Composites

Veeresh Chandra M S, Dr. N Chikkanna

Abstract |PDF with Text

Maglev Windmill

B. M. Preetham, Rohit Pratap Singh, Srisharan Sindhe S., Vishal Yadav

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