Smart and Innovative Technologies in Engineering and Sciences

11th-12th November 2016

Organized by: 

Gyan Ganga College of Technology, Jabalpur

Novel Biomaterials for Packaging Applications

Anjali Bajpai, Vidhya Raj

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Morphometric Analysis Based Prioritisation of Belkund Sub-Watershed, Jabalpur District, M.P., India

Nage S.K, Deolia D.K, Tignath Sanjay, Damle N

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Fixed Point Results for Weak Compatible Mapping in Fuzzy 2-Metric Space

Surendra Kumar Garg, Manoj Kumar Shukla

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FEA Analysis for Designed Chassis

Aditya Patel, Akash Vishwakarma

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Optimization of concentration of Glucose in Microbial Fuel Cell for Maximum Electricity Production

Rani Ayachi, Reena Badhe

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LTE: User Equipment (UE) States

Jyotsna Agrawal, Dr. P. Mor, Dr. J.M. Keller, Dr. P. Dubey

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Study of Different Parameters of Narmada Water at Lameta Ghat Jabalpur which causes Pollution

Himanshu Kolhatkar, Salomi Rao

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Need of Geotechnical Assessments for Earthquake Resistant Structures: A Study at Jabalpur

Sanjay Kumar Verma, Dr. Saleem Akhtar

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Antimicrobial Activity of Rice Starch based Packaging Film Loaded with Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

Dr. Ruchi Lodhi, Dr. S.K Bajpai

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Fuzzy g**- Closed Sets

Jyoti Pandey Bajpai, S. S. Thakur

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Heading of Rivet Shape Head from Cylindrical Porous Aluminum-Copper Composites at Different Strain Rates during Cold Forging

Dr. Shrikant Jain, Dr. R. K. Ranjan, Dr. Surendra Kumar

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A Theoritical and Analytical Review on the Bismuth Telluride (Bi2Te3) as Thermoelectric Materials, Characterization and Properties

Dr. Meeta Chouhan

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