Abstract: Agriculture now serves much more purposes than just providing food for an expanding population. Wherever an Asian population exceeds seventy percent, it is crucial. Agriculture is a country's main industry. It therefore feeds a wide variety of people. In the first place, disease-related reduced crop quality must be taken into account. The key to preventing agricultural losses may be disease detection. The purpose of this project is provide to a software solution that mechanically locates and categorises sickness. Illness detection is involved in steps including loading an image, pre Processing, segmentation, extraction, and classification. Images of the leaves are used to identify plant illnesses. Therefore, it is useful to apply image processing techniques to identify and categorise diseases in agricultural applications.
Index Terms: Random Forest, Image Processing.

Keywords: Plant disease classification, detection, and machine learning.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2022.91204

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