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Abstract: Pedestrian crossing is a very important component of transportation infrastructures that serves to secure pedestrians and their life, possessions and keep traffic flow in a designated manner. It is a distinguished feature within the street scene that the detection of crossing of pedestrian contributed to the invention of 3D road marking reconstruction and decreasing the adverse impact of outliers in 3D street scene reconstruction. Since the crossing of pedestrian is subject to wear and tear from serious and high traffic flow, it's of nice imperative to observe its standing and its present level. So, crossing of pedestrian detection and analysis system with high recall rate, preciseness and strength are going to be achieved adopting the automated raising crossing. This technique works for crossing detection below completely different things and light-weight conditions. Hence acknowledge defiled and impaired crossings mechanically within the meantime that facilitates observation and maintenance of traffic facilities, to cut back potential traffic safety issues and secure lives and property. In the current project, it is co related to the pedestrian safety and the way will we tend to scale back the pedestrian accidents. So, to extend the pedestrian safety and to cut back the concern of crossing the pavements throughout the traffic flow, we tend to came up with a concept of automatic raised pedestrian crossover that works with the facility generated from the moving vehicle by kinetic speed breakers & star panels for operating.

Keywords: Pedestrian, crossing, safety, traffic, investigation, kinetic speed breakers.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7625

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