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Abstract: In the era of Digital Manufacturing and supporting state-of-the-art, i.e. Additive manufacturing (AM) technology is getting more popular known as 3D printing, AM has created its own space in the fastest growing industry. 3D printing has evolved in previous years, and now, it is being used in several social life domains. The main application of this process has found in prototyping, aerospace industry, biomedical and dental implants. Additive manufacturing prints a part in a layer by layer or line by line pattern. It opposes the basic concept of traditional manufacturing. Advances in composite and multi-material manufacturing provide new opportunities for the convenient manufacture of lightweight parts and modern products, such as flapping wings, satellite brackets, and lightweight components for the aviation industry. It is a particular technology that varies from conventional and subtractive development in terms of lightweight, enhanced features, lower fuel consumption, and optimized machine performance, so on. This paper addressed the progress of AM in the aerospace field and addressed the issues of AM.

Keywords: Additive manufacturing, Aerospace Industry, Lightweight Component

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.81118

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