ABSTRACT: In food and agricultural technology, the use of image processing techniques has excellent indications and associations. These visual images are a significant source of information. Fruit classification has become one of the important applications which can be utilized not only in the supermarkets and grocery stores but also for the agriculturist to detect the diseases and work out different methods to ensure that these diseases did not occur in the next harvest. In order to address these identified problems, fruit classification and recognition of these diseases. We identified different methods which are commonly used in addressing vegetable and fruit classification and in recognizing diseases. And we used that surveyed image processing techniques for fruit disease detection, segmentation, and classification. The methods utilized in my project are able to distinguish among different types of citrus fruits and their diseases that are very alike in colour and texture.
With the expansion in technology, there's an increasing demand for solving lifestyle tasks. We know that refrigeration is the most commonly used technique for the storage of food, which works by lowering the reproduction rate of bacteria found in the food. Through this project, we are presenting the likelihood of solving the fruit spoilage problem, with technical assistance to spot the spoilage by continuous sensing. We expand a way to detect spoilage for fruits using sensor MQ135 sensor related to Arduino. The results of the findings are shown to support the freshness and quality of the fruit. the knowledge regarding the fruit spoilage is going to be conveyed to the purchasers using visual media by displaying the result to the user on the LCD screen

Keywords: Detection, Classification, MQ135 Sensor, Arduino

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8815

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