Abstract: The demand for electricity in developing country is alarming. The national grid power supply sources are insufficient and are not distributed effectively, hence the need to design and develop alternative source of power supply that can be harness locally. In this work a micro water turbine design was presented that could be used in laminar (low) flow to produce electricity using water storage overhead reservoir tank as a source of water couple with generators. The flow of water has kinetic energy to turn water turbine for the production of electricity. The energy produce is clean and does not cause global warming. The water turbine was design and model using SolidWorks engineering drawing software. The formulae for the calculation of flow and capacity parameter were highlighted. The water would flow from the water reservoir tank at a speed range of 3 m/s to 5 m/s to turn the water turbine. The flow rate of water from the jet would hit the cup on the runner causes the turbine to rotate due to the pressure by the flow of the water with 16 cups. The turbine would produce a runner rotation range of 5 rpm to 100 rpm with a torque of 3350 Nm. The water turbine could generate a power up to 35 kW and the water recycled into the overhead reservoir tank via water pump. The water pump will be powered by the electrical energy generated from the coupled generator to the water turbine. This will bring about the optimization of available water sources utilization and the production of power higher efficiency. The longevity of hydroelectric power plants makes it economically viable for the generation of electricity.

Keywords: Alternate Energy, Energy Demand, Global Warming, Hydroelectric, Water Turbine

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7414

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