ABSTRACT: As we all know Pavement is a structure constructed to provide safe, durable and good riding surface with minimum maintenance. Hence it is very much important to make the pavement functionally and structurally sound throughout its life. The ability to characterize asphalt pavement materials in terms of their fundamental properties is becoming increasingly more important.
The performance of the bituminous pavements mainly depends upon the material property, gradation, type of filler material, binder, mixing and compaction temperature. Therefore, it is essential to study the effect of temperature both during mixing and compacting the material to produce a given mix. The variation in the temperature during mixing and compacting will result in variation in bituminous mix fundamental properties.
This paper will show how the effect of compaction temperature changes in Marshall properties of different Bituminous Concrete mixes such as 80/100 Grade and PMB (Polymer Modified Binder) and also variation in Marshall Properties in soaked condition will show how the pavement react when it comes in contact with water during rain.

Key words: Compaction temperature, PMB, 80/100, stripping, Soaking Index, Marshall Properties, Marshall Stability

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8877

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