Abstract: Safety sounds in the employee’s world who have direct linkage with the public. This creates the responsibility of the business entity irrespective of nature of business to ensure that every individual has to learn organizational safety values. Unsafe work environments have clear consequences for both individuals and the organization, henceforth some organization replace the revoked safety programs with more innovative ideas during this New Normal period. It would also help industry to ensure that employees take protection against unsafe practices during covid-19 situation. Employees of Quick Service Restaurant industries can remain motivated and ensured safety at their workplace, will enrich their performance. The study conducted through questionnaire survey with 74 respondents and judgmental sampling method is used to select sample respondents. Hence his paper is about the employees’ safety and performance in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry based on employee’s opinion. The researchers concluded that to include clear and concise plans for safety in the organization addressing how to do the work safely by wearing masks, sanitizing themselves before having contact with another individual; maintain social distancing in these new normal plays a significant role in an individual’s health and behaviour.

Key words : Safety, Quick service, Social Distancing

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8947

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