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Abstract: In the current industrial scenario, composite materials have lot of scope due to its improved mechanical properties like hardness, toughness, compressive strength & tensile strength. Conventional monolithic materials have limitations with respect to composite materials. Development of hybrid metal matrix composites has become an important area of research interest in Material Science.
The Main objective of this work is to develop “Carbon Nano tubes and E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Aluminium Al-7075 Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite (AHMMC)” and to evaluate the properties of these hybrid composites developed. The different types of Hybrid Composites are fabricated with varying composition of Carbon Nano Tubes and E Glass Fiber and the specimens are prepared as per ASTM Standards and experiments are conducted for characterization of Wear Properties at different Speed with varying loading condition.

Keywords: Metal Matrix Composites, Wear, Carbon Nano tubes, E Glass and Aluminum alloy.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.81131

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