Abstract: “In this era of smart classroom technology, students are more demanding innovative university campus life, and willing to use innovative learning methods. IoT and Cloud computing technologies can provide solutions for smart and a sustainable campus to improve learning methods of the students and improve the efficiency of everyday activities in the Institution. This project focus on the IoT paradigm in the teaching process with the integration of Cloud for education system. IOT in education provide student to learn new technologies that helps the students to create new ideas and logical for the social problems. IoT based cloud computing technology provide intelligence system, unified campus portal services, security and maintenance system. The digitally connected campuses enhances student learning and environmental sustainability. Students can use smart phones, PDA to access their homework assignments and test performance through online portals. Video can be uploaded in the cloud, online video Lecturing enables Students to attend classroom lectures remotely. IoT devices are used to track students who Skip their classes, send alerts help students to concentrate academic work regularly, and to find lost personal items. Through Digital devices payments can be made easy at cafeteria, office and in other admin activities. The hardware component of IoT consists of microcontroller board, sensor module, wireless and wired connections. Using the software module the information to and from sensor modules is processed and transmitted to cloud storage. This paper describes how efficiently IOT and Cloud Infrastructure restructure the traditional education and learning methods.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8758

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