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Abstract: Natural materials are one of the prominent and cost effective options for alternating the synthetic fibers reinforced composites. The availability of the natural material and ease of manufacturing attracts the researchers to try the locally available inexpensive fibers and to study their feasibility in reinforcing in to polymers. Accordingly extensive studies on preparation and properties of polymer matrix composite (PMC) replacing the synthetic fiber with natural fiber like Jute, Sisal, Pineapple, Bamboo and Kenaf were carried out. These plant fibers have many advantages over glass fiber or carbon fiber like renewable, environmental friendly, low cost, lightweight, high specific mechanical performance.
The present research work has been under taken with an objective to prepare the hybrid nano composite. It is also planned to use these nanofiller as reinforcing material in polymer composite. The low modulus of glass fiber composites has limited their use in applications where buckling stability or high natural frequency is the criteria. It is also known that natural fibers composite possess much lower mechanical strength properties than synthetic fiber reinforced composite.
Hence the use of natural fiber alone in polymer composite is inadequate in satisfactorily tackling all the technical needs of a fiber reinforced composite. It is reported that if natural fiber is hybridized with a synthetic fiber in the same matrix the properties of natural fiber could be improved by taking the advantage of both the fibers. In this work an attempt has also been made to fabricate the hybrid nano composite filled with and without nanofiller. The different types of hybrid laminates with Wt % of graphene as nano filler are fabricated by using kenaf, banana(natural fiber) and glass fiber(man made fiber) as reinforcing materials with epoxy resin by keeping the thickness 4mm by using the manual hand lay technique. Tensile, compression and hardness test will be conducted..

Keywords: Kenaf, Banana,Glass fiber, Grapene .

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.81132

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