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Abstract: Consumers of Vegan indicates the interesting economic point for the industry of food with the demand of products which provides benefits to the health like products of probiotics. This review demonstrated the products of Vegan probiotics via giving an outline of products of commercially and examine the products and also their associated in vitro / in vivo health promoting results and explain the effects of probiotics on the properties of technological as well as sensory in the cutoff of products. There are so many factors that have impact on the survival of probiotics, the main challenges and the niche of thus market are also presented. Products of vegan probiotics may upgrade the profile of lipid and the immune system, controlling the diabetes, also reduces the diseases of Helicobacter pylori and also have the properties of anti carcinogenic and refine the general well – being. Beverages which are made from the fermentation and non – fermentation . The duration of culture of probiotics are mainly based on the steps of processing matrix of food, strain of probiotics and the form of federation into the matrix, conditions of storage and also the components of probiotics. Probiotics have tendency to change the chemical composition, colour, acidity as well as acceptance of Vegan foods and also the beverages but products with survival of suitable probiotics, phytochemical Character technological properties as well as sensory acceptance will be secured. Therefore, the strain source will accommodate the Vegan status after all most of those not discover from the matrices of vegetable . However, strategies of short – term marketing should target not only on the Vegan public but also on those consumers who want to decrease the consumption of products of derivatives of animals, alongside searching the new non – animals derived strains.

Keywords: Probiotics, marketing, public, consumers, vegan products, derivatives of animals and so on.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8914

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