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Abstract:The many structure get damaged due to earthquake, ageing of structure, and change in loading condition and change in serviceability of structure.This thesis presents a case study on existing RCC G+2 story building located in Thane city, it’s a commercial building G+2 structure, and building is 30 years old. It should be checked that weather it has strength of existence or not. The structure should be audited time to time for human safety. Structural audit is carried out. In this structural audit, structure should be check for various method such as rebound hammer, ultrasonic pulse velocity method.From the results of NDT test it was found the building was observed to heavily distress also it was reaching its design life. Strengthening of concrete structure is required for increasing their capacity to sustain additional loads. Building is re-designed for G+3 storey. As per previous studies concrete jacketing is the one of the most popular retrofitting technique that’s why we have used RC Jacketing technique. In this study experimental work and analytical work was carried out. Comparing two model for displacement of structure, bending moment and shear force of with jacketing and without jacketing by using ETABS software. The grade of concrete is M15 for existing building and M25 is adopted for retrofitting of building. The grade of steel is 415 N/mm2.

Keywords:RC jacketing, Retrofitting, Strengthening, Structural repair

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8962

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