Abstract: The abstract presents a concise overview of the study involving the analysis of a multi-story building with a ground-plus-four (G+4) configuration in Seismic Zone 4. This research explores the structural behaviour, stability, and seismic performance of such buildings commonly found in urban environments prone to higher seismic activity. The investigation considers factors like material composition, load distribution, and vertical circulation systems. The study employs numerical simulations, potentially using software like PLAXIS, to assess the building's response to various loads and seismic forces. The goal is to enhance understanding of the building's behaviour and provide insights into its design and construction aspects, including foundation design, which are critical for ensuring both safety and functionality in Seismic Zone 4. By analysing a G+4 structure within this specific seismic context, this research contributes to the broader knowledge base concerning multi-story building dynamics and their implications for urban infrastructure development in areas of heightened seismic risk.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10915

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