Abstract:This is an exhaustive research paper prepared by a physicist of long-standing experience of teaching Applied Physics and who have published a large number of Papers in International Journals. The author begins with a Philosophy. The meaning of the title is clearly explained by means of a Chart; Historical aspects of Vacuum starting from Otto Von Guericke, The Torricellian vacuum and the development of the Vacuum Pump; Some elementary Mathematics to show that absolute vacuum cannot be obtained; Guericke’s crucial tests for testing vacuum; Geissler’s vacuum pump and the development of diffusion pumps,; The Quantum Vacuum; Planck’s law of radiation and also Planck’s second law of radiation. The Zero Point Energy (ZPE); ZPE from Uncertainty Principle; Energy Levels of Quantum Oscillator; Vacuum Energy = Dark Energy; LHC is referred to as the largest Vacuum ever made; The Casimir Effect; Absolute Zero and the Bose-Einstein Condensate and its discovery; The Nernst Heat Theorem and the Third Law of Thermodynamics; Concept of Negative Temperatures; The paper ends with a Conclusion and the readers are particularly advised to read the Conclusion wherein the author has referred the ZPE,  h  as a Quantum Magician and the caricature of many scientists running towards the Absolute Zero and failing in their efforts.

The author has touched topics from Aristotle to Einstein with some 22 pictures of scientists given in chronological order of their years of birth. In addition, there are some 20 illustrative diagrams some of which are drawn free hand by author.

Keywords:Bose Condensation, Bose-Einstein Condensate, Casimir Effect. Dark Energy, Diffusion Pump, Energy levels of Quantum Oscillator, Geissler Vacuum Pumps, Negative temperatures, Nernst Heat Theorem, Otto Von Guericke’s Vacuum, Planck’s second law of radiation, Quantum Vacuum, Third Law of Thermodynamics, Torricellian Vacuum, Vacuum fluctuations, Zero-Point Energy (ZPE)

Philosophy*:“All the pictures which Science draws of Nature and which alone seem capable of according with observational fact, are mathematical pictures. . . . . . From the intrinsic evidence of His creation, the Great Architect of the Universe now begins to appear as a pure Mathematician.” *[25]

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.71006

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