Abstract: The optimization processes in mathematics, computer science and economics are solving effectively by choosing the best element from set of available alternatives elements. The most important and successful applications in the optimization refers to transportation problem (TP), that is a special class of the linear programming (LP) in the operation research (OR). The main objective of transportation problem solution methods is to minimize the cost or the time of transportation. Most of the currently used methods for solving transportation problems are trying to reach the optimal solution, whereby, most of these methods are considered complex and very expansive in term of the execution time. This paper shows the total transportation time problem regarding the time of the active transportation routes. If the multiple optimal solutions exist, it is possible to include other criteria as second level of criteria and find the corresponding solutions. Furthermore, if there is a multiple solution, again, the third objective can be optimized in lexicographic order. The methods of generation of the optimal solution in selected cases are developed.

Keywords: Operation Research, Transportation Problem, LPP, VAM, Optimal Solution.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7701

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