Abstract: Presently Solid waste management is the biggest disquietude for environment in our country. Utilization of plastic is growing constantly, even though efforts are being made to reduce the use of plastic. For environment and human wellness, it is very harmful to throw away or discard these solid waste. Everyday it produces a lot of garbage which is very bad for human beings. There are many benefits of robust and feasible reuse of these plastic waste. This project is a point of view for a more comprehensive examination on the use of plastic aggregate as a substitue for coarse aggregate in concrete. In this current project research were done by putting distinctive percentages of plastic aggregate e.g. 0%, 5%,10%, 15% to get the best possible result (percentage) and to conclude the performance of plastic aggregates on concrete. Research is conducted to determine mechanical and durability properties of concrete consisting of plastic aggregates. And to check its compatibility as a construction material. Studies was done on properties of concrete mix with plastic aggregates. And comparison is done of control mix with normal aggregates.

Keywords: Plastic Aggregates, Concrete, construction material, plastic waste.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10419

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