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5th National Conference on Science, Technology and Communication Skills – NCSTCS 2K22

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 Vol. 9, Special Issue 2, September 2022

Web Services: A Comprehensive Study

Deepan Mondal and Debrupa Pal

Use of Nanotechnology for Water Purification Process: The Indian Scenario

Indrani Sarkar, Saswata Ghosh and Soma Mukherjee

Use of Nanotechnology for Water Purification Process: The Indian Scenario

Sudhangshu Sarkar, Sufal Dhar, Arka Sen, Rohit Kumar Ghosh and Abir Das

Flood Management by Using AI Technology

Soma Mukherjee, Biswajit Mandal, Aparna Shaw and Indrani Sarkar

A Graphical Approach to Establish the Relevancy between Weight before and after Machining Vs. Surface Roughness and Chip Thickness in CNC Lathe

Atishay, Arjit Raj and Arghya Gupta

Wireless Charger for Android Phones

Manjeet Kumar, Rahul Thakur and Hirak Gupta

Role of Covid-19 Vaccines on the Pandemic

Rajdeep Paul, Saurabh Kumar and Subhasree Bhattacharjee

Role of Solar Energy in Desalination of Sea Water

Subarna Paul and Kamalika Banerjee

Compositional dependence of lattice constants in solution grown single crystals of NixZn1-xSO4.7H2O by X-ray diffraction method

Susmita Karan and Taniya Yasmin

Human and Porcine Cysticercosis: A Mathematical Approach

Nikhilesh Sil, Tamal Manna, Souvik Jana and Dibyendu Biswas

Progress in Green Technology

Susmita Karan and Archi Sinha

Blockchain Technology – A Review

Sumit Nandi, Md. Mirja Galib, Swapnanil Sarkar and Rupa Bhattacharyya

Earthquake Engineering: A Review

Sumit Nandi, Vivek Kumar Tiwari, Rupa Bhattacharyyaand Surajit Banerjee

Internet of Things: A Boon or Bane

Sumit Nandi, Md. Mirja Galib and Dhananjay Kumar Tripathi

Interpersonal Communication with Virtual Reality

Aparajita Paul, Sharmistha Basu and Ankita Sen

Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis of Exterior Beam Column Joints to Predict the Effect of Seismic Excitation

Suraj Pal and Abhishek Hazra

Use of Nanotechnology in Solar Cells: The Indian Scenario

Indrani Sarkar and Debajit Dutta

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision In Nonverbal Communication

Rajasi Ray, Saikat Chowdhury and Sumit Nandi

Empathy in Communication: Metamorphosis of Corporate Language

Ayush Ghosh, Rohit Boddupalli and Wooshasi Mukhopadhyay

Role of Technology in Language Teaching and Learning

Aparajita Paul, Arghyadeep Sarkar and Niladri Dey

Mental Health: A Journey, Not A Destination

Sayan Saha, Rishi Raj Ganguly, Sharmistha Basu and Aparajita Paul

Linear Algebra: An Essential Kit for Machine Learning

Apurba Ghosh, Debangshu Bose, Soham Chakravorty and Antika Mukherjee

Multivariate Calculus: A Deep Dive into Machine Learning

Payel Mondal, Suvankar Laga, Liza Roy and Lisa Roy

A Case Study on Application of JIT in Lean Manufacturing Industry

Shilpi Pal, Sankar Parai, Soumili Biswas and Shreya Ghosh

Modern Techniques for Analysing Performance of Cricketers

Debopriya Dey, Ankesh Samanta, Ankan Sadhukhan and Aniket Pd Singh

Duolingo: Personalize Language Acquisition

Debasmita Sen and Ananya Chakraborty

Effectiveness of task based learning in the teaching of language

Priyanka Banerjee

Lateral Load Capacity of Piles in Layered Cohesive Soil- A Case Study

Soumita Roy and Abhipriya Halder

Impact of COVID-19 on Environment and Diagnosis in India

Sourav Chowdhury, Subhadip Ghosh and Debmitra Ghosh

Use of Innovative Technology for Effective Learning-An Empirical Perspective

Dalia Sen, Debopriyo Pal and Induja Samanta

Effect of polyalkyl acrylate mixture on PVC for property modification

Rupa Bhattacharyya, Sumit Nandi, Anish Swarnakar and Neha Pal

Efficient Use of Nano Fertilizers Using Sensor-Based Technology

Aditya Kumar Jha, Aishwarya Jena, Sarbani Ganguly and Suchismita Maity

Monkeypox: A Mathematical Approach

Dibyendu Biswas , Jayanta Banerjee and Nikhilesh Sil

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