6th National Conference on Science, Technology and Communication Skills – NCSTCS 2K23

Organized by:

Narula Institute of Technology, Agarpara, Kolkata, India

 Vol. 10, Special Issue 3, September 2023

Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Process Parameters on MRR in CNC Turning Operation

Akhtarujjaman Sarkar, Arghya Gupta and Arijit Sarkar

Functioning of a Computer like Human Brain Using Non-Traditional Architecture

Ananya Banerjee, Koushik Karmakar, Shreya Ghosh and Soumili Biswas

Application of ICT in Educational Enterprises and Assessment

Ankana Sarkar, Debankita Ray and Sharmistha Basu

Revolutionizing Research Paper Writing: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence and Fortifying Anti Plagiarism Measures

Aparajita Paul, Sharmistha Basu, Pramit Kanti Saha and Shreyasi Saha Roy

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency: How Decentralization is Disrupting Traditional Finance

Apurba Ghosh, Payel Mondal, Amit Kumar Prajapati and Fazeel Ibtesam

Encryption Scheme Involving Horizontal and Vertical Bit Rotation Simultaneously

Apurba Ghosh, Payel Mondal, Nilakash Mukherjee and Niladri Kandar

Correlation between Surface Roughness and Input Cutting Constraints for CNC Turning of Aluminium Workpiece

Arghya Gupta, Atishay, Siddhant Prasad and Akhtarujjaman Sarkar

A Study to Determine the Effect of M.R.R. on Surface Roughness

Arghya Gupta, Saswata Ghosh and Akhtarujjaman Sarkar

Personal Assistant with Language Model Based Conversation and Mental Health Analysis

Arindam Sarkar , Avinash Pathak, Sonali Bhowmik , Abhishek Bhowmik

Efficient Communication in Post Disaster Environment Using Delay Tolerant Network (DTN)

Chandrima Chakrabarti, Ananya Banerjee, Sujyoti N Singh and Danish Nawab

Image to Image Colorization Using Pix-2-Pix GAN Model

Debanjan Pan, Divya Prakash Gupta, Abhishek Bhowmik and Sonali Bhowmik

The Classical World of Nonverbal Communication-Indian Dance forms and the Portrayal of Folklores

Debasmita Sen, Srinjoy Mukherjee and Sohini Chatterjee

Optimization Strategy to Minimize the Allocated Space for Placing Maximum Number of Products in Retail Stores

Debopriya Dey, Puja Supakar, Adrija Sengupta and Raunit Kumar

Effect of Ionospheric Attenuation on Radio Communication: A review

Dhananjay Kumar Tripathi, Susmita Karan, Sumit Nandi and Srijit Das

To Build a Quantitative Structure Property Relationship (QSPR) Model for a Number of Pesticides to Predict Their Harmful Effect on the Environment Using Machine Learning Methods

Indrani Sarkar and Bibek Dhar

Hydrogen Fuel as a Viable Energy Source,the Indian Scenario

Indrani Sarkar, Gargi Bose and Saket Srivastava

Use of Nanotechnology in Biosensor

Indrani Sarkar, Jeet Adhikary and Ahona Chowdhury

Arduino Based Smart Lighting

Indrani Sarkar, Sayak Bhunia and Subhraneel Saha

Data Transmission Using Li-Fi

Jishu Chakraborty, Kinshuk Saha, Abhishek Bhowmik and Sonali Bhowmik

Efficacy of Running Commentary as a Technique to Enhance Communication Skills

Joyeeta Chowdhury, Madhubanti Gupta, Oindrila Mukherjee and Debanjan Basak

Music as a Significant Language of Communication

Joyeeta Chowdhury, Sharmishtha Basu, Anwesha Neogy and Srinjay Dasgupta

Fostering Inclusion to Outshine LGBTQIA+ for a Better Tomorrow

Joyeeta Chowdhury, Sharmistha Basu and Adrija Halder

A Journey of Computer Processors since its inception few years ago

Koushik Karmakar, Ananya Banerjee, Ankan Sadhukhan and Sayandeep Paria

Recent Reforms in Academic Libraries with the Advances of Artificial Intelligence

Mohan Lal Kaushal, Vijendra Kumar Gupta and M K Manik

Experimental Investigation of Comparison of Mechanical Properties of Natural Composites made of Bagasse, Coco-coir and Banana fiber

Mrinal Kanti Manik and Sandip Palit

Impact of Technology on Education

Naboja Saha, Sharmistha Basu and Mousumi Saha

Dynamical behaviour of Measles

Nikhilesh Sil, Arshavi Roy , Panchatapa Mandal and Dibyendu Biswas

Dynamical behaviour of Giardiasis

Nikhilesh Sil, Baishali Chatterjee, Ranabir Paul and Dibyendu Biswas

Awareness Program to Control Giardiasis: A Mathematical Approach

Nikhilesh Sil, Prithwi Rudra and Dibyendu Biswas

Disease Dynamics of Dengue Transmission: A Mathematical Approach

Nikhilesh Sil, Prithwi Rudra, Soumalya Roy and Dibyendu Biswas

Dynamical behaviour of Norovirus: A Mathematical Approach

Nikhilesh Sil, Soumik Saha, Soumik Singha Roy and Dibyendu Biswas

Effects of Awareness on Dengue: A Mathematical Approach

Nikhilesh Sil, Swarnadeep Sen, Smarto Chowdhury and Dibyendu Biswas

Rainwater Harvesting

Partha Pratim Paul, Debjit Mondal, Shilpi Pal and Sarbani Ganguly

Unlocking the Secrets: The Crucial Role of Encoding and Decoding in Cryptography

Payel Mondal, Debopriya Dey, Shounak Sinha and Krittika Chakraborty

ICT –Pedagogical Principles in Teaching Language with Technology

Priyanka Banerjee, Shreya Mitra and Suchandrika Banerjee

Image Matrix Reduction Using Principal Component Analysis by Finding a New Variable

Puja Supakar, Shilpi Pal, Snehangshu Mahapatra and Saket Srivastava

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Communication

Rajasi Ray, Ananya dey and Ishita Biswas

Teaching Disabled Students in Higher Education

Rajasi Ray, Partha Pratim Paul and Akash Mondal

Cross-Cultural Communication

Riya Saha and Sayaka Sinha

Butterfly Effect: The Theory That Changed People’s Viewpoint

Riya Saha, Raktim Dutta and Sayaka Sinha

Dream: An Integrated Model of Varying Conscious

Riya Saha, Sayaka Sinha and Raktim Dutta

Novel Application of Polymer Blends

Rupa Bhattacharyya, Sumit Nandi, Amrita Roy and Meghali Mukherjee

Alternative Sources of Fuel and Sustainable Development

Rupa Bhattacharyya, Sumit Nandi, Anushka Datta and Ankhi Panja

The Influence of Secondary Electron Emission on the Dust Ion Acoustic Wave Propagation in Lorentzian Dusty Plasma

Sanchari Mukherjee, Moupiya Ghosh, Suman Das and Samit Paul

The Influence of Secondary Electron Emission in the Dust Charging Process

Sanchari Mukherjee, Rajarshi Nath, Snehangshu Mahapatra and Samit Paul

Use of Nano-Bots to Clean Water Bodies

Sarbani Ganguly, Srinjoy Mukherjee and Piuli Saha

Influence of Modern Digital Platforms on Communications

Sayani Basu, Debasmita Sen, Kritika Chakraborty and Ushnish Pal

The Role of Computer Science in Developing Effective Communication Strategies for Remote Teams

Sayani Basu, Rajasi Ray, Shreya Jha and Shounak Sinha

Data Mining by Dimension Reduction Using Principal Component Analysis

Shilpi Pal, Apurba Ghosh, Gargi Bose and Rajarshi Nath

The Rise of the E-commerce Market in India in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Shubhendu Banerjee, Abanti Saha and Sneha Bhattacharayya

Control and Management of Road Accidents by a New Smart Device

Soma Mukherjee, Biswajit Mandal, Debanjan Datta and Susinjan Bhattacharya

Role of IOT Based Technologies in Ensuring Sustainable Development

Somnath Chakraborty , Deep Pal and Shankayan Aditya

Blockchain Technology

Subhojit Mitra and Rupa Saha

Enhancement of Traffic Management System using AI

Sumit Nandi, Debopriya Dey, Arkaprava Jana and Aryan Sahani

Situation of Big Bang Theory in Today’s Astronomy

Susmita Karan, D. K. Tripathi, Aparajita Nath and Srinjay Kar

Big Bang Theory: Origin of Our Universe

Susmita Karan, Mamta Panjiyar and Jasbir Singh

Green Hydrogen: The Green Energy Source of Future

Susmita Karan, Sneharpita Mukherjee and Soumi Das

Image-to-Image Translation Using Cycle GAN

Tirthajyoti Nag, Jayasree Ghosh, Sonali Bhowmik and Abhishek Bhowmik

Assistive Technology for the Inclusion of Students with Disability

Wooshasi Mukhopadhyay and Rupsha Singha Ray

Shades of Yellow Journalism: Assessing the Impact and Promoting the Betterment of Society

Wooshasi Mukhopadhyay, Abanti Saha and Sneha Bhattacharayya

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